To get to Órgiva from Granada Airport:

(about 70 km and takes just under an hour)

From Granada Airport, which is actually west of Granada at Santa Fé, follow signs in the first instance for Granada. This will bring you after a short distance (about 3 km) to the A92 motorway. However, almost as soon as you join the A92 you will have to leave it again following signs for Santa Fé/Granada/Sierra Nevada. Do not join the main carriageways - simply stay in the entry slip road and it will then become the exit slip road to the A92G/A329.

At about 13 km from the airport look out for signs to A44 (former N323)/E902(Spanish road number/European road number). This is the main road from Granada to the coast - signed for Motríl. The sign is confusing as, if you follow it literally, you will find yourself turning off into an industrial estate ('Poligono Indioflorio'). Ignore the 'Poligono Indioflorio' turning. Carry on to the roundabout by 'Aurgi' and get on to the A44/E902 towards Motríl

(NB There is currently some confusion about road numbering. N roads which are motorways are having their numbers changed to A numbers. However, the A number bears no relation to the N number. This means that the same road can change its number according to whether it is motorway or not. Fortunately, the European road number has not changed and remains consistently as E902.)

The A44/E902 will take you through the western edge of Granada giving you views on your left of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada. Continue towards Motríl - take care not to get sucked into the 'Sierra Nevada' slip-road. This can easily happen if you remain in the right hand lane at the critical moment.

After Granada the motorway climbs up to the pass'Suspiro del Moro' ('The Moor's Sigh') where the last Moorish ruler of Granada, Boabdil, bid farewell to Granada in 1492 on his way to exile in the Alpujarra.

The motorway then follows the valley.

After you have caught sight of a wind farm, look out for the Beznár/Lanjarón exit (about 52 km/40 minutes from the airport)

Lanjaron windmills

This takes you up to two small roundabouts, one either side of the motorway; follow signs for Lanjarón and Las Alpujarras A348.

The road crosses a bridge and then climbs up to Lanjarón (about 9km). (As a matter of interest, the new arched steel bridge you will be crossing is directly above an older bridge which, in turn, looks down to an even older bridge).

Lanjarón is a long thin spa town. In the daytime the road through it is congested and slow, but there is a recently-built 'by-pass' which avoids the town centre. If traffic is light, go through the town centre ('Centro Urbano') and take in what there is in Lanjarón. There are no turnings to miss in Lanjarón as both roads end up on the road to Órgiva . These signs, one partly obscured by a sign for a ham shop, mark the turning on to the by-pass at a mini-roundabout at the western end of Lanjarón.

By-pass sign 1

After leaving Lanjarón the road continues on to Órgiva (about 15 min). As you come to the outskirts of Órgiva about 10 km after Lanjarón, you will pass a BP filling station and a hotel. Immediately after the hotel there is a left turn up to Bubion, Pampaneira and Capileira (A4132/GR4201). Do not take this turning but continue straight ahead at the junction. The road curves down to the left and then crosses the (often dry) Rio Chico on an elevated bridge.

Immediately after crossing the bridge, you will see a smaller BP filing station on your left and ahead of you there is a bar/hotel/restaurant called the Pension Mirasol.

Our representative will meet you at the Mirasol and take you to the house.

(The Mirasol is at 36 degrees 54.117 min North and 3 degrees 25.543 min West)

The Mirasol

Car Hire

We usually hire from Malaga Car Hire who are in England. Their number is UK (0 20) 83 98 26 62. They have an arrangement at Málaga Airport with Niza Car Hire and you get a discount off Niza rates. If you book soon enough you can pay Málaga Car Hire in sterling in advance rather than paying Niza when you get there and this speeds up the transaction at the Niza depot at Granada Airport. You will need about €50 in cash or a credit card as a fuel deposit. You will get cash back in cash if you return the car with a full tank.

When you arrive at Granada Airport there will be a number of car hire reps loitering at the exit from the arrivals baggage reclaim area including the Niza Cars one.

Shopping on the way

If you want to pick up supplies on the way, there is a Dia supermarket behind the BP filling station at a roundabout in Santa Fé (see picture below) on the A329/A92G which you will reach in about ten minutes from the airport following the route described above. Remember that Spanish shops do not open on Sundays - you may be able to buy bread, but little else.

DIA Santa F�

There is also a Dia supermarket in Granada just off the A44 motorway. Take the 'Parque de las Ciencias' exit (after Km 131). As you come down the slip road it goes into a roundabout. As soon as you get into the roundabout turn off right into the shopping area. Dia is next door to Aki. To return to the motorway, return to the roundabout and follow signs for Motril. This will take you back to the motorway by a counter-intuitive route.

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